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Morganton Eye Physicians, P.A., a leading provider of comprehensive medical and surgical eye care services in western North Carolina, is pleased to introduce LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery.  Our doctors are among the first in the United States to offer this revolutionary cataract surgery option.  LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery brings a new level of accuracy and precision to conventional cataract surgery.  With both the advanced LenSx® technology and trusted experience of the eye care specialists at Morganton Eye Physicians, P.A., patients now have more options than ever to achieve the best vision possible after cataract surgery.

LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery

In conventional cataract surgery, the surgeon makes incisions to remove the natural lens using traditional metal surgical instruments and blades.  During LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, the surgeon uses high-resolution optical imaging and computer-guided laser to plan and perform a precise surgical procedure tailored to the patient’s eyes and unique vision needs.  LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery gives exceptional results with lens implant alignment and astigmatism correction.  It is also used with multi-focal implants, which give a full range of near, intermediate, and distance vision.

More Options for Cataract Surgery

With the addition of LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, Morganton Eye Physicians, P.A. now offers a complete range of cataract surgery options.  Whether you choose LenSx® Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery, conventional cataract surgery, surgery with lens implants for correcting astigmatism or for improving near, intermediate, and distance vision, our team of experienced eye care specialists will guide you in selecting the right procedure and lens options to meet your individual vision needs.

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