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Pediatric Patient


Pediatric Eye Care

In the world of a child, good vision is a prerequisite to learning, exploring, and even playing. Unfortunately, many children see the world through blurred vision. Since children do not always complain of visual problems, parents may not even realize that their child is having difficulty with their vision. Fortunately, many vision problems are easily corrected with early detection.

Parental awareness is the key to recognizing vision problems. Many problems are easily treated but parents must be aware and intervene as quickly as possible. Children may give physical or verbal clues that parents can recognize as warning signals. Common signs that a child may be experiencing eye problems:

  • Holds objects close to eyes
  • Blinks a lot
  • Squints eyelids together
  • Rubs eyes a lot
  • Shuts or covers one to focus
  • Sits close to the television
  • Uses a finger as a place mark when reading
  • Complains of headaches after reading